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Earn Money
It’s a great time to earn money or have a supplemental income!

Everybody wants to earn money and earn it working honesty. This is why Female Pumping has in place a very lucrative affiliate program that is ideal for all men and women. That you can use to generate an income or supplement your income current income with a secondary source of wealth. This is why you should consider joining our affiliate program, which is designed for you in mind. The idea is simply, you join our affiliate program, use our banners, text links and media to promote our website. For every sale that you generate, you will be paid 55% of that sale from the ticket price.

Let’s say you get sales from customers who purchase our regular subscription. You will earn 55% of that subscription sale or $16.45 if you want to use actual dollar amounts. However if you sale a subscription that is for more months, let’s say you sale a 3 month subscription. Well you also earn the 55% for that sale, or approximately $55 dollar for having sold it. Therefore you have the ability to generate good sales and more so since we are a very well established and recognized brand.

What makes our affiliate program different from other sites is that you know up front how much you will be earning. You do not have to start low and work your way up to get the 55% of each sale. From the instant you join our affiliate program; you will be earning 55% commission on all sales. If you only sale one, you get the same commission as if you sell 300 subscriptions. If everybody does the same work, everybody gets the same high commission per sale.

This affiliate program can be incorporated and promoted via the following:

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Your e-mail newsletters
  • Your bulletin boards
  • Social media (place your affiliate links on your Facebook page, on your twits, or any social media)
  • Games
  • Apps
  • Advertisement Campaigns (promote the site via advertising campaigns, a small investment for a high yield) such as google adwords, MSN advertisements, etc.

What can you expect.

  • Earn 55% for each subscription sold.
  • A high sign-up ratio.
  • High potential of monthly earnings.
  • Work from home or on your spare time.
  • Steady growth over time.

Your Commission Rate
            on all sales!

An excellent source of income when you need it, your hard work will be properly compensated!



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